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Senior housing is a vital part of our communities. We at QuatroTax are working hard to preserve its future.

Senior Housing Services

Senior housing is unique — and so is the process of valuing your property. The experts at QuatroTax utilize a proprietary process to serve senior housing owners, operators, and investors. Based on the strong, trusting relationships we’ve built over 30 years within the industry in obtaining millions of dollars in property and business personal property tax reductions year after year, we’ve followed our clients to 32 states and counting. Whether you’re maintaining, growing or restructuring, our team evaluates your individual circumstances to ensure you pay no more than your fair share of property taxes every year.

Senior Living

Whether you offer independent living, assisted living, memory care or a continuum of services, QuatroTax works to understand the unique components of your particular situation. We consider whether each community is starting up or stabilized and understand the critical importance of the rent roll. Tax dollars saved not only improves your bottom line, but also provides additional resources to improve the array of services provided to your residents and to be market competitive.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities provide critical care and services, not just housing. It’s not an accident that we serve half the SNFs in Texas and a growing number of facilities nationally. By engaging QuatroTax to address your tax situation annually, you’ll have more time to devote to staffing, reimbursement and other important operational issues.

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